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The Chinese Language Academy of Los Angeles (CLA) provides regular school hours classes and afterschool programs in Chinese language and culture to K-12 schools in Los Angeles region. The ACTFL Performance Guidelines for K-12 Learners will be emphasized throughout this program. By collaborating with the partner schools, CLA fulfills its mission to educate next generation of Americans with intellectual curiosity, cultural awareness, professional competitiveness and global consciousness.


All of our CLA instructors have solid capabilities and a genuine passion in offering high quality classes to our partner schools. The Director of Academic Affairs at CLA will lead the curriculum development and give guidance to each instructor.  Each program will be customized to match the partner school’s schedule and expectations.  


CLA highlights "Interactive, Interesting and Inspiring "in our teaching philosophy, pursues "Efficiency and Effectiveness" in our teaching practices, and strives to make the student learning experience joyful and engaging.  The CLA classes are activity-oriented, dynamic and fun, while at the same time the students will be motivated to achieve specific goals and pass standardized exams for better educational opportunities and a brighter future.


  • Regular School Hours Classes (Daily or Weekly)

  • Afterschool Programs

  • SAT II and AP Preparation Programs


For more info on how CLA can create a specifically tailored program for your school, please contact:


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