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Afterschool and Weekend Mandarin Chinese Classes for Kids



The Chinese Language Academy of Los Angeles (CLA) provides afterschool classes, weekend classes, summer programs and private classes in Chinese language and culture to young learners in Los Angeles region. Our high quality classes will develop the intelligence of the young learner, increase their cultural awareness and guide them to acquire the Mandarin Chinese language skill which will significantly help them to succeed in the 21st century.


All of CLA teachers have solid capabilities and a genuine dedication in offering high quality instruction to young learners. The Director of Academic Affairs at CLA will lead the curriculum development and give guidance to each teacher. The students will be motivated to achieve specific goals and pass standard tests for better educational opportunities and a brigther future.


The group classes will be provided at CLA facilities in the Los Angeles region and private classes will be provided at the student home or a public space in their neighborhood.  Our programs for individual students will be tailored based on student schedules and learning goals.  The ACTFL Performance Guidelines for K-12 Learners will be emphasized to ensure the program's quality.


  • Afterschool Classes

  • Weekend Classes

  • Summer Programs

  • Private or Small Neighborhood Classes

  • SAT II and AP Preparation Programs


For more info, please contact:

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